Spread Christmas Cheer with Z-Wave Devices

The weather is crisp, the stores are playing holiday tunes, and the smell of gingerbread and pine needles is in the air—it’s Christmas time! Whether you’re a fan of DIY smart home automation or have a professional system, one thing is definitely clear: having smart home devices makes the holidays much more enjoyable and effortless. Below, we cover our favorite ideas for putting your smart Z-Wave devices to work for the Christmas season.

The Décor

While your smart home system can’t put up the lights, wreath, and stockings for you, it can help manage the energy usage and on/off times for all your electric décor. Here’s how:

  • Start with a Smart Power Plug:Instead of plugging the Christmas lights directly into an outlet, connect it to aZ-Wave plug. The smart power plug takes whatever is connected to it and makes it controllable by your smart hub or professional system. So right from your phone, you can turn the décor off or on.

  • Automate It:As nice as it is to be able to turn the Christmas lights on or off from your phone, it’s even better to have a completely hands-off approach. The two most common ways to do this are with timers and motion sensors. Using your same Z-Wave plug, you can set up the holiday décor to turn off and on at certain times throughout the day so that you don’t accidentally leave the outdoor decorations or Christmas tree on all night long.Smart motion sensors let you save even more energy by only turning on the interior decorations when there’s somebody there to enjoy them.

The Activities

Whether you’re planning a big holiday party or just spending time with family, you can use your smart home devices for a variety of fun Christmas activities. For example, if you have a Z-Wave alarm siren that chirps whenever motion is detected at night, use it to your advantage on Christmas Eve. Read a Christmas story with the kids upstairs while another family member moves around downstairs to trigger the motion sensors. The chirp of the smart alarm will get the kids all excited knowing that Santa is setting out the presents.

The Security

There is a significant boost in burglaries during the holiday season. Homes are left unoccupied while the residents travel to visit family, creating a perfect opportunity for thieves to help themselves to your valuables. If your Christmas plans include traveling away from home, make sure you’re not leaving your property defenseless. Check out our  for tips on ensuring your property is safe without breaking the bank.

Of course, it’s not always thieves that you need to worry about when you’re leaving your home unattended. In the winter months, one broken pipe can spell disaster. If you want to avoid water damage, consider a water leak prevention system. Simply place water leak sensors and a water main shut-off valve (you can install it yourself with just a screwdriver) in your home. If a pipe bursts, the water heater leaks, or the tub overflows, the smart leak prevention system will automatically shut off the water to prevent the leak from spreading.

Want to give yourself the gift of comfort, security, and convenience this Christmas? Head over to our smart home devices store today and shop to your heart’s content! To keep up with the latest Z-Wave product news, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.