The Professional Approach to Smart Home Automation

In one of our previous blogs, we provided a guide to DIY your own smart home by setting up a smart hub and connecting different devices. However, let’s face it: not everyone has the time or technical know-how to install and program a smart home. That’s where a professional installation comes in. In this blog, we cover the advantages of a professional smart home installation and how homeowners can work with an integrator to create a high-tech paradise at home.

Advanced Control Systems

Just like with the DIY approach, your first choice is going to be which control system you want to manage your entire smart home. However, with a professional installation, you have access to truly top-notch technology that goes far beyond the capabilities of a DIY system. Here are our top three favorite home control systems:

  • Control4:While you’re not likely to have 9,500 devices in your smart home, Control4 is powerful enough to manage all of them at once. In addition to controlling the usual smart devices like window sensors or light dimmers, Control4 recently announced support for Amazon Echo. So with Control4, you can control your entire smart home using just your voice.

  • URC:Universal Remote Control’s bread and butter might be their easy-to-use remotes, but they can do a lot more than just turn on your TV. Their remotes and smartphone app can control your entire home, from the lighting to the climate and beyond.

  • ELAN:Whether you want to manage your home with a handheld remote, a smartphone, or a tablet, ELAN has you covered. With ELAN, you can start small and grow your system over time, adding smart control for outside irrigation, a video intercom, pool or spa management, and more.

All of Your Smart Devices Working Together

Many of the smart devices used by DIY homeowners are also used by integrators. After all, if the device does an excellent job and is easy to install, why go for something unnecessarily complicated? We covered these devices (such as the smart Z-Wave mousetrap and water main shut-off valve) in the DIY smart home automation blog post, but you can always learn more about them here.

The main advantage of a professional smart home installation is that the integrator can make all of these devices work together for an even greater benefit to the homeowner. Here are some examples:

  • Energy Management and Climate Control: The Nest thermostat might save you money on energy bills, but can it communicate with your lights, motorized shades, and appliances to ensure that everything is operating as efficiently as possible? Imagine a system in which your home senses that there’s too much sunlight entering a room and the solar heat gain is making your HVAC system work harder than it should. The home then automatically lowers shades specifically designed to block heat absorption while letting in light, and it dims the overhead lighting at the same time. That’s easily achievable with smart home automation.

  • Total Home Security: Surveillance cameras, motion sensors, keyless locks, remote monitoring, and alarms are all aspects of a great security system, but when you combine security with smart home automation, you get something far more valuable. Let’s use an example of a fire starting in the kitchen. Immediately, the alarms go off, and you get a notification on your phone letting you know that a fire has been detected. At the same time, your security system sends an alert to the local fire department, shuts down the electronics in the area, and turns off the HVAC system to keep it from fanning the flames. Water leaks, burglaries, or even small children trying to open medicine cabinets—your home is ready to act in your best interests.

  • Audio/Video Control: Replace all of the remotes in your home with one centralized point of access: your smartphone or tablet. All of the speakers, televisions, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, streaming services, media servers, and more are all available at your fingertips. That means that if junior wants to watch cartoons in the living room while you’re preparing breakfast in the kitchen, you can turn on the TV, select the cartoon, and adjust the volume—all without ever leaving the kitchen.

When you work with a professional automation company to design and install a customized solution, you open up so many possibilities for making your home truly smart. On top of that, you can rest easy knowing that the system will be done right by people who are skilled and passionate about providing the most seamless, easy-to-use technology possible.

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