Give Your Loved Ones a Gift They’ll Use Every Day

Christmas shopping can be hard, especially if your friends and family fall in the “already have everything they could possibly want” category. Fortunately, the versatility of modern smart home systems means that there is a perfect device out there for every tech lover in your life, whether they’re smart home connoisseurs or don’t have any smart devices beyond their cellphones. Keep reading to learn about the most popular (and unique) gift ideas for this holiday season.

If They Already Have a Smart Home System…

Put on your detective hat. Before you buy anything, you need to find out the brand of smart home system they have. Generally, these systems fall into two categories: DIY and professional installation. If they’ve had a professional company design and install their system, you should consider getting an unusual device that doesn’t come with the typical setup. Just remember to verify that the device is compatible with the system’s technology. Here are some popular options:

  • Water Leak Prevention System:A new addition to the world of smart home devices, you can now get a system that actively works to stop water leaks before they cause thousands of dollars in damage. The system includes water leak sensors and a device that installs directly onto your water main. You connect it to the smart hub, and if a sensor detects any sign of a leak, it automatically turns off the water and notifies you of the problem. With this water leak detector, your loved one can travel without any fear of coming home to a flooded basement or bathroom floor

  • Amazon Echo:This device is fairly easy to integrate into existing systems, and it’s definitely something that would be used all the time. Amazon Echo allows you to control your smart home using just your voice. Simply say “Alexa” and then a command such as “play Christmas music” or “start movie scene,” and your home will respond without you ever having to lift a finger!

  • Dome Mouser:Nearly a third of American households have had a problem with mice or other small rodents, yet the average mousetrap isn’t efficient, humane, or effective. So don’t go for the average mousetrap. Instead of giving your loved one another gift that will sit on the shelf unused, give them something practical that will actually improve quality of life: the Dome Mouser. This electric mousetrap connects directly to your smart home automation system and alerts you at the exact time you need to empty the trap. That means no more checking an empty mousetrap every day and no more forgetting about a stinker left in the attic for a week.

If They Don’t Have a Smart Home System Yet…

If your tech-savvy friend or family member hasn’t yet embraced the benefits of smart home automation technology, you’re in luck. Your gift-giving options aren’t locked into a specific manufacturer or technology type. On the other hand, the pressure is on you to pick the system that will form the foundation of the giftee’s smart home. Choose wisely.

If you want to get your loved one a full smart home solution and you’re not sure where to start, we recommend reading over this  brief guide to getting started with smart home automation. It will walk you through how to select the right technology and devices for their needs. Whether you go for SmartThings, Wink, Vera, or another platform entirely, the advantage of a DIY smart home automation is that you can get started on setting up their system on Christmas day!

Ready to start your Christmas shopping? Head over to our catalog to explore Z-Wave devices that will add value and convenience to the techies in your life (or treat yourself to these smart devices—we won’t tell).