A Water Leak Prevention System Saves You Time, Money, and Stress

Water damage is one of those problems that you don’t truly understand until it happens to you. After all, what’s the big deal about a little water on the floor? It’s probably not something that has ever crossed your mind, but consider the fact that virtually every home in the United States is at risk for expensive and stressful water damage. To learn the statistics that outline the true scope of the issue and what you can do to avoid it, read on.

Water Damage Statistics

  1. 98% of Basements Experience Water Damage at Some Point – Think it couldn’t happen to you? Water leaks aren’t the exception to the rule; they’re the norm.

  2. 14,000 Homeowners Rush to Deal with Water Leak Emergencies Every Day – Often by the time you’re made aware of a water leak, your home is already ankle-deep in water.

  3. 37% of Homeowners Have Suffered Losses Due to Water Damage – Even if your insurance company covers the water damage 100%, insurance can’t bring back priceless family heirlooms and sentimental treasures destroyed by water.

  4. Insurance Companies Lose $2.5 Billion Each Year Due to Water Damage – Think your homeowner’s insurance premiums are too high? Insurance companies have to cover the vast amount of money they lose to water damage, and the average homeowner ends up footing the bill.

  5. The Average Water Damage Claim is $6,965 – Some water leaks cost less, some cost more, but we can all agree that any money spent on water damage repair is too much money.

  6. The Average Washing Machine Supply Hose Fails after Just 8.7 Years – Do a quick mental calculation in your head: is your washing machine a ticking time bomb about to go off?

  7. 75% of Water Heaters Fail within 12 Years – Same goes for your water heater. It could be fine one day but pouring out water the next.

  8. 250 Gallons of Water Can Be Lost in a Single Day from a 1/8-Inch Crack in a Pipe – Surely one little crack can’t be too bad, right? Wrong. All it takes is one leaky or frozen pipe to turn an enjoyable weekend getaway into a disaster.

  9. A Home Flooded with 9-12 Inches of Water Costs Approximately $18,930 in Repairs – Carpet replacement, mold treatment, new furniture, ruined books and photographs…it all adds up.

  10. Water Leaks Waste More than 1 Trillion Gallons in a Single Year – Even if you’re not particularly environmentally conscious, you can recognize that such a vast amount of wasted water isn’t good for anyone.

How to Avoid Water Damage

For many homeowners, water damage is simply a necessary evil that comes with the territory of modern plumbing. Pipes leak, water heaters break, and toilets clog. That’s life, right?

We wouldn’t list out all these scary water damage statistics without ending on a happy note, so before you resign yourself to calling up your insurance provider and upping your coverage, consider this simple solution: Guardian by Dome.

Guardian by Dome is a standalone water leak prevention solution that installs without tools in just a few minutes. The system includes water leak detectors, a smart device that installs on your water main, and a siren that gives beeps or verbal warnings if a leak is found.

One of the best things about it is that you don’t have to invest in an expensive smart hub before you can start using it—it works right out of the box. And because of the quick and easy installation, you don’t have to pay for a plumber!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the free Guardian app on your smartphone or tablet.

  2. Place the shut-off valve device directly onto your water main and put water leaks sensors throughout your home in areas where leaks are likely to occur. They’ll actively monitor for signs of leaky pipes, overflowing washing machines, etc. These sensors start working as soon as you lift them out of the box, so you can skip the complicated setup.

  3. If a leak is detected, the sensor sends an immediate command to the shut-off valve. It also can trigger the smart siren and send a message to your smartphone so you instantly know there’s a problem.

  4. The shut-off device responds by turning off the main water line so that the pipe or machine won’t continue to pour out water.

  5. You can use the app to view the status of the devices and control your water main remotely.

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    So instead of having a pipe break while you’re on vacation and coming home to a house where the water is still flowing days later, this smart system stops the problem immediately. No costly repairs, no stressful calls with the insurance company, no lost valuables—it’s that simple.

    Order your water leak prevention system today or contact us for more information.