5 cool things to do with your wink connected home.



Explore the Best Devices that are Compatible with Wink

If you’ve decided to use Wink as the hub for your smart home, congrats! It’s an awesome system with a lot to offer homeowners. With Wink, you can connect everything from Amazon Alexa to Lutron lighting!

Big brand names aside, there’s another facet to Wink that you might not know about. All the most popular smart device communication protocols (such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and our favorite: Z-Wave) are compatible with Wink. What this means is that your pool of smart devices capable of being added to your home goes far beyond what you’ll find in the aisle at Home Depot. Instead, there are thousands of devices that you can connect to your Wink Hub.

Up until now, you might have stuck with the standard Wink starter kits, but perhaps it’s time to expand your horizons. Here are five things you can do with Wink once you add in Dome’s compatible devices.

1.    Stop Water Leaks before They Ruin Your Home

The problem with traditional water leak sensors is that they are passive devices. What we mean by that is that all they can do is notify you if the washing machine starts pouring out water or the water heater starts leaking. This on its own can be incredibly helpful, but it doesn’t do you a whole lot of good if the notification comes while you’re out of town or asleep.

The better approach is to combine water leak sensors with a water main shut-off valve. Using the Wink hub, the leak sensors communicate with the shut-off valve so that, as soon as the floodgates open, your home’s water main immediately turns off, keeping gallons of water from continuing to spill out for hours on end. These two simple devices could mean the difference between a small puddle on the floor and tens of thousands of dollars in water damage.

2.    Have Your Home Notify You about All Sorts of Things

Is someone at the door? Is the toilet overflowing? Is dinner ready? Is it time for bed? Connect the Dome siren to your Wink hub, and you can set notifications for the things that matter most to you. This siren is awesome for two reasons: it has ten different chime settings, so you won’t have to use the same “ding!” for a simple reminder and an emergency. It also has different noise levels, so you can set some notifications as a soft chirp and others as a blaring alarm, depending on your needs.

The siren is a great addition to any connected home because it’s so versatile. You can use the device in whatever way makes sense for your lifestyle.

3.    Catch Intruders in the Act

You don’t need a super expensive home security system to keep your house safe from intruders. Instead, your Wink hub (along with a few smart devices) can monitor and alert you about any potential security threats. A security setup could include sensors on all the doors and windows that track when they are opened and closed.

Then, include a siren with programmable chimes ranging from soft (like when a window opens during the day) to loud and alarming (like when a window is forced open at 3:00 a.m.). For a second line of defense, you could include motion sensors in the common areas that connect to the siren and light fixtures. Then, if someone is moving around in the home in the middle of the night, all the lights in that area could turn on automatically.

4.    Save on Energy Costs

Smart home products are an upfront investment, but if you use them to monitor and manage energy usage, that investment will pay off quickly. With your Wink hub, we recommend starting with a Nest Learning Thermostat to help keep the HVAC bill low.

On the lighting side, it’s as simple as plugging the on/off switch into an outlet. This plug allows you to turn lights on and off from your smartphone, or have the lights turn off automatically when a smart motion sensor detects that the room is empty. You could even add window and door sensors to your home, which could automatically monitor to make sure you’re not running the A/C when a window is open for an extended period of time.

5.    Light the Way without Lifting a Finger

There are a lot of lighting devices that are compatible with Wink, but many of the systems might be more than you really need. For a simple, more cost-effective approach, use smart plugs to control lamps throughout your home. The coolest application is to then connect a motion sensor to your Wink system. Then, as you’re walking down the hallway to get a glass of water at night, the area can illuminate with a soft glow instantly. No fumbling around for a light switch required.


If any of the above ideas sound like something you’d like to do with your Wink hub, then please visit the how-to section of our website for practical guides on getting everything set up! And of course, you can learn more about Dome’s products that are compatible with Wink by visiting our online store.

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