Relax while Z-Wave Keeps Your Home Safe

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of Z-Wave technology for everyday life—improving energy efficiency, adding convenience and comfort, and so forth. But what about the times when you’re not at home? Can Z-Wave help you out while you’re away on vacation? Short answer: yes. Longer answer? Keep reading.

Whether you’re heading on vacation and want to protect your primary residence or you’re wanting to keep your secondary home safe while you’re gone for extended periods of time, these Z-Wave solutions are a smart idea:

Don’t Come Home to a House Filled with Water

Water leaks are a serious concern. In fact, roughly 14,000 homeowners deal with water leaks in the U.S. every day. A broken refrigerator or water heater is certainly a headache on its own, but what happens if that leak occurs the day after you leave for vacation? That water is going to keep pouring out for days. You’ll come back to a water-logged home and a ridiculously high water bill.

Here’s the better option: put Z-Wave water leak sensors in those areas of your home where a water leak is likely to occur (under the refrigerator and kitchen sink, by the water heater, next to the toilet, etc.). Then connect those sensors to a water main shut-off valve. This device latches on to your water main with nothing more than a screwdriver.

If a water leak occurs, the sensors send an alert to the shut-off valve, which then immediately turns off the water in your home. You come home to a small puddle on the floor instead of a flood. The system can even notify you on your smartphone that a leak has occurred and the water main is turned off so that you can have someone check on the house.

You can also use Z-Wave door locks to remotely lock or unlock your front door. That way, if there is a water leak, you can let in the plumbing company or a family friend without having to be at the house.

Make Your Home Appear Occupied

Vacation “scenes” are very popular in DIY smart home automation. Basically, you set up the devices throughout your home to make it seem like you’re still there, even if you’re halfway around the world. This setup works because burglars are less likely to target occupied homes. If the house looks vacant, thieves are more likely to see it as easy pickings. Using this simple plug, you can set lamps to turn on and off throughout the day, making it seem like someone is moving around inside and adjusting the lights.

Put Smart Security Features in Place

If you prefer not to waste energy lighting an empty home, there’s something else that will definitely deter thieves: a security system. You don’t have to invest thousands on a home security system. Instead, consider a DIY approach. You can keep your home safe, secured, and monitored through these three devices:

  • Door/Window Sensors:

    These devices attach to the entry points of your home and monitor to see if someone tries to force them open. If that happens, you’ll get an alert, and a loud alarm will go off, letting the thieves know that your home is not a good choice for a break-in.

  • Motion Sensors:

    A second line of defense would be motion sensors. If the thieves somehow manage to get past the door sensors, they’ll trip the alarm as soon as they walk in the room.

  • Siren:

    Speaking of alarms, you’ll want one that has customizable chimes and integrates with the door and window sensors with ease. You can set this smart siren wherever you want and program it to respond with different chimes for different purposes (water leaks, doors opening, dinner time, etc.).

With this combination of Z-Wave technology, you can enjoy your vacation worry-free. Of course, there are plenty of other Z-Wave devices, such as smart thermostats that regulate temperature while you’re gone, that can be beneficial while you’re on vacation and throughout daily life.  You can check out other cool Z-Wave devices by visiting our shop, and then be sure to look around our blog for other creative Z-Wave ideas.