What is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is a technology that uses a certain radio frequency to communicate with other devices. One of the best features about Z-Wave products is that they require very little power. That same window sensor that would be drained when using Wi-Fi could run smoothly for two or more years without every needing the battery changed. Combine that with Z-Wave’s superior encryption for smart home security, and the shift away from Wi-Fi is a no-brainer.

How to Create Your Own Home Security System

When done right, a home security system is an easy, low-cost investment with fast ROI potential, peace-of-mind safety, and decreased risk of robbery. So how do you build your own DIY home security system? First, you’re going to need a few different devices…

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Why Should I
Use Z-Wave?

Like Wi-Fi, Z-Wave allows devices to talk to each other without any cords connecting them. However, Z-Wave’s protocol enables much more reliable connections because of how information is transferred from one device to another.

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Z-Wave Products Make Life Easier, Safer, and More Comfortable

A common misconception about is that you have to invest tens of thousands of dollars to turn your home into something that resembles the Jetsons. While you certainly can do that, there’s nothing that says that you have to go that route to enjoy the benefits of smart home automation.

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Smart Home Security Stats


Homes without security systems are three times more likely to be robbed.

Suburban homes 50% more likely to be burglarized.

9am - 3pm
Daytime hours are the most popular time for burglary.

One-third of robberies occur through “unlawful entry.”


Z-Wave Products are the Best Way to protect your home





Great little siren. Has a bunch of different tones to play. The batteries showed 72% after linking it to homeseer. Nice and small. Loud enough to get your attention. The reaction time seems fast.



It’s the best trap I have ever used, I don’t have to check the mousetrap every day and it’s still working perfectly on 1st set of Duracell batteries after catching 9 rats. In fact, I have just ordered and received a second trap, to put in my attic.

~Andrew M~

Leak Sensor

I bought this after my AC drain pan overflowed and caused quite a bit of damage. I especially like the remote sensor and the three contacts that allow for flexibility of placement. It adds easily to Wink and has proved to be reliable thus far.

~Andrew Z~

Motion Detector

Man, this motion sensor is awesome. I am using it in Home Assistant via Smartthings. It picks up motion fast and as soon as it stops it goes back to clear. Perfect for my automation needs. When I need more motion sensors I'm getting this guy.

~J. Stone~

Door/Window Sensor

Installation and pairing was super easy with smartthings. The sensor and the magnet are very small and modern. And for $20 this is a great value. I've been testing this for a week, it really exceeded my expectations.

~Fedwa Mustafa~

Water Main Shut-Off

Great product. Installed easily over existing ball valves and integrated into my SmartThings home Automation system. Product is robust and I expect it to last. The Dome company has recently become very active on the SmartThings community.