The Door / Window Sensor

Open New Doors in Your Z-Wave Adventures.


If you have a Z-Wave Hub and you also happen to have a door or a window (look at you, fancy pants,) you should get our Door/Window Sensor. Not only will it tell you if you left your front door, window, garage door, barn, or dungeon open, it'll look good doing it.


Door And Window Sensor Usage Ideas


Monitor Any Door

Know when any door or window is open. Even install on garage doors and configure your Hub to send a notification or sound an alarm if it is left open for too long.


No More Basement Monsters

Automate the lights to your basement stairway so you don't have to run away from death itself after you turn off the lights downstairs. Lights turn on when the door opens and turn off either at the switch, or after the door closes.


Protect Sensitive Materials

Keep away unwanted attention from dangerous or private things in your medicine cabinet or cleaning supplies. Receive an alert if your Tinder date decides to snoop around.




Battery Powered

So it installs anywhere without any wires.


Low Profile

Its small footprint means it stays out of the way.


Versatile Applications

Monitor doors, windows, garage doors, cabinets, etc.


Long Range

Use up to 150' from the nearest plugged in device.


Modern And Sleek

Compliments modern decor and furnishings.


Requires Hub

Will work out of the box with most Z-Wave Hubs.



Technical Data

Power supplySingle CR14250 (1/2AA) 3.6V battery

Standby Current2.5µA

Working current35mA

Operating temperature32 - 104 °F (0 - 40 °C)

Mounting OptionsDoors, windows, medicine cabinets,
drawers, garage doors, etc.

Max Distance From Magnet0.5"

WarrantyOne Year Parts & Labor

Sensor DimensionsSensor: 2.75” x 0.8” x 0.8” (70 x 20 x 20 mm)
Magnet: 1.3” x 0.5” x 0.5” (40 x 11 x 11 mm)

Z-Wave Info

Raido ProtocolZ-Wave(500 series)

Radio Frequency908.4 MHz US

CapabilitiesBinary Sensor (Access Control)
Notifications (Access Control)

RangeUp to 150’ depending on environment


User Manual (PDF)

Advanced Manual (Web)

Installation (Web)

Basic Z-Wave Usage (Web)

Command Classes (Web)

Configuration Parameters (Web)

Package Contents

User Manual



1x Battery

2x Screw

2x Wall Anchor


Not finding your answers in the Docs or FAQ's? Shoot us a support ticket and we'll reply right away.

As former installers we know how important clean, easy to read documentation is. We created Dome from the ground up with the idea that sensors should work with any hub, and they should be easy to modify and troubleshoot.



Expand Your Dome System


Range Extender


Door/Window Sensor Pro


Motion Detector




Water Main Shut-off


On/Off Plug-in Switch




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